Igort, the secret landscape

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a film by Domenico Distilo

produced by Marco Lo Curzio, Domenico Distilo

dop | Maurizio Tiella
editor | Alberto Masi
format | 30’ HD

Igor Tuveri, aka Igort, is among the most important Italian graphic novel authors.
The film tells the method, the design and the work process Igort’s last works, which represent a major narrative turn to the author. Since 2005 his work has focused on non fictional graphic novel, leading him to tell two great events mostly unknown of modern history: the genocide of the Ukrainian people, in the period of the Soviet Union, the so called Holodomor, and the events that have taken place around the murder of Anna Politkovskaya in contemporary Russia. That’s how the two internationally appreciated and rewarded works were born: “Quaderni russi. La guerra dimenticata del Caucaso” and “Quaderni ucraini. Memorie dai tempi dell’URSS”.
Igort is currently working at ” Quaderni Mistici”, the conclusion of his trilogy on the modern east Europe. He tells the discovery and conveys the charm of two major theoretical works of Pavel Florensky, mathematician and priest theologian deported in Gulag.
Igort’s work is the result of an extensive research and travels, that through a filmed documentation, with interviews and meetings in different parts of the world, support the design and the narrative of major events through the stories, diaries and experiences of people who have lived through those events and now are told by the pencil of a the designer.
Igort’s stories are imbued with humanity. The storytellings are reported from the voice of the protagonists and through drawing, the balance of the page layout, they become art and literature.
The film relates the viewer as a manual for graphic novel storytelling, it maintains a voluntary didactic and illustrative aspect, probably succeeding, first of all, to convey the author’s research method and his passion.