Sciara S.r.l. produces and distributes films with a peculiar focus on documentaries. The company’s aim is to consolidate a multi-discipline and cosmopolitan approach, experimenting new technologies while promoting values of social responsibility in the project’s culture.
The company is based in Messina, Sicily, and  has a working network of different professional realities in Roma and Berlin.
Sciara produces documentaries with a wide range of formats and contents: from architecture in Jerusalem (a co-production with RAI Educational) to archaeology in Sicily.


sciara s. f. [sicilian voice, formed with formal and semantic overlap of Arabic šara «uncultivated and barren land, wasteland» on a derivative of Lat. flagrare “burn” meaning “burning lava”, then “hardened lava”]. –  Local term used at Etna in Sicily to indicate the accumulation of scoria that forms on the surface or sides of the lava flows: le stelle splendevano lucenti anche sulla sc.,e la campagna circostante era nera anch’essa, come la sc. (Verga). ◆ Sciara del Fuoco, the name of a steep slope, formed by lava, scoria and incandescent slag from the crater of Stromboli down to the sea.