a film by Domenico Distilo
produced by Marco Lo Curzio, Domenico Distilo

written by Matteo Berdini, Francesco Cenni, Domenico Distilo

dop | Roberto De Franceschi
Second Unity Dop | Kai Ehlers

Production Design | Tina Pennisi

editor | Alberto Masi
music | Teho Teardo

format | 80’, color,  filmed in Super 16mm and HD

with Pino Favara, Salvatore Arena, Chiara Pazzaglia

An elderly ‘tombista’, a grave robber begin to show symptoms of an inexorable loss of memory. The old man cross the landscape like an explorer, a man of many paths and a thousand maps. He sees what others cannot. The progress of the disease led him to find his son, the last desperate attempt to perpetuate his memory. This episode is part of the different encounters that are floating around the research of an artist and photographer who’s working on ancient art as an inspiration for her performances. The result is a journey through unpublished stories and adventures of the archaeological Sicily, accompanied by the former clandestine diggers and collectors, new guides of the many places, stratified by history, from prehistoric times to the Sicilian Greece.